Thursday, March 13, 2014

One Step Closer

Today is a big day for Cub #3. He finally realized his need to learn how to read. And that makes this momma very happy!
He is 6 years old, and has yet to learn all of his ABC's (gasp!). 
I have tried multiple curricullums, but nothing has seemed to be the 'right' fit for him. He has a short memory. Which caused much frustration on my part. So I decided that I would hold off on teaching him  until he 'wanted' to learn. This was hard for me. I have expectations of my children, and when they don't meet them, I struggle to let go of the control that I thought I had. It's such a relief to let go. Whew!
So, like I said, today was a big day. 
It is much easier to teach and learn when the desire is there. Plus, I don't have to pull teeth. Yay for their 'chewers'.

I had asked for some help from fellow homeschoolers, and a lot of them suggested Starfall. So I plopped him on the couch with my ipad, and let him play away.

Once he had gone through all the alphabets, he came into the school room, and said "I still don't know how to read!"
If only it was that easy...

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  1. Nice work Esther!! I remember when my older boys were heading to kindergarten and didn't know their alphabets or how to count to ten. Although I felt badly for them that they didn't have the same knowledge as some of the kids in their class, you could ask my first two boys about any animal and they could tell you about them. They are young and care free for such a short time that I think it's awesome that you waited for Cub #3 to say he wanted to be able to read. Once he has it it will be a skill he will always have. Good Job Esther!!

    Ps: I love your couch!!


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