Monday, January 20, 2014

Thoughts from a Home School Mom

Today was our official 'back to school' day since Christmas break. Gasp! Don't worry, we have done many educational activities along the way, but no actual sit down-open your book kind of learning. Gasp! OK, enough with the gasps. I'm just being honest. The biggest reason for such a late start after the holidays goes to kitchen/dining/living room reno's. All of my FB friends have seen the before and after pictures, and maybe one day I'll post them here as well. So now that those reno's have been completed (YAY!!) I can once again focus on educating my children academically.

To get my mind and my heart back into 'home school', I had to do a lot of praying. I know that God has placed a desire in me to home school for a reason. Well, four reasons. Cub #1 #2 #3 and #4. Four great reasons. They are such a gift to me and I absolutely love that I have the freedom and privilege to home educate. But sometimes (thanks to Pinterest) I lose my focus. So this afternoon I have been browsing the internet for some encouragement and motivation.
Of course God knows all these things that are going on in my mind and heart, and so He sends his people to do his will. This person being my facilitator (if you want the government definition of what a facilitator is, go here A random check-up from him leaves me feeling much encouraged and armed with new tools.

I often struggle with expectations. Expectations from other people, my family, my friends, the public system, etc. Even though they may not actually be putting any expectations on me, I still feel like it. I think it's because I put so much expectation on myself. Like having a very strict schedule. 9:00am sharp! Well, it's a little crazy to expect myself to get to the table at 9 am sharp! I have 4 children under the age of 10. A two year old. Terrible two's anyone?? I want to start school at 9:00 am, but sometimes it just isn't attainable. And that's OK. Esther, that's OK! Whew, glad we had that talk.

I want my children to be educated. To be knowledgeable. To have a desire to learn.
But how to get there is often the distraction. There are sooo many options when it comes to curriculum. Like, lots! Overwhelming... We have tried quite a few different kinds, trial and error. And I continue to search for what will work for our family the best...
I'm leaning towards more 'un-schooling'. Gasp! Oh right, I said we'd be done with the gasps. But teaching Matthew (10 year old) fractions/measurements, while installing pine boards onto our 'living room' feature wall, was such a fun and interactive way to learn!

Curriculum has it's place. My children need to know how to write. How to read. Those are fundamental abilities! How we get there is the big question for me right now...

I get frustrated with my 6 year old, who is currently learning his ABC's. How hard can it be??
People always tell me that they wouldn't be able to home school because they don't have the patience. I then question myself, do I have enough patience? I did some research on that one!
I realized that patience is not a gift. It's a virtue. Patience is something that I have to work on. I have to pray for patience. I try to remember to pray for patience every morning. And believe it or not, I am faced with many situations where I get to exercise patience. I do have 4 children after all ;-). I often fail to put forth patience, but when I breath and remember to be virtuous, wow. That's it. Wow.
So no, I don't have the patience to home school. But hallelujah! God does. And I lean on him to help me!

I feel like I'm babbling. Do I have a purpose to this post? Not really. Just putting some of my thoughts into words...

I do believe I have found a blog that is encouraging to the fellow home school mom...

I like her schedule plan :)


  1. This!!! I love it!! Thank you for your open honesty! It is refreshing. I have often thought that if I was to home school my children, I would pick an unschooling method. I love watching how kids discover and learn through hands on work and at their own pace and interest. I think you cubs are amazing little people and that what you are doing with them seems to be working well. Thanks for posting! I love reading your stuff!!

    1. Thank you Josie for your comment and your encouragement!


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